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Ceramide Derma Relief Skin Softener

6.09 fl. oz. / 180ml

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Transform your skin with illiyoon's Ceramide Derma Relief Skin Softener, the ultimate solution for sensitive and dry skin. Dermatologically tested with a Skin Irritation Index of 0.00, this hypoallergenic formula fortifies your skin's natural barrier using Phytoceramide, a plant-derived ingredient structurally similar to your skin's own ceramides. The cream delves deep to deliver crucial moisture, effectively treating dryness and enhancing skin resilience. Paired with the soothing properties of Allantoin and the dual moisture barrier provided by Hyaluronic Acid, your skin stays hydrated longer. This fragrance-free, vegan-certified formula is also non-comedogenic and specifically tested for sensitive skin, ensuring quick absorption without residual stickiness. Choose Ceramide Derma Relief Skin Softener for long-lasting moisture and strengthened skin.


Dryness, Sensitivity, Damaged Skin Barrier

Suited to

Sensitive, Dry

Key ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Ceramides

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