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Oat-in Calming Gel Cream

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Experience the refreshing and nourishing benefits of the Oat-in Calming Gel Cream. Formulated with Oat Seed Water, this gel cream instantly calms dry and sensitive skin, providing a soothing sensation. The lightweight clear texture easily melts on the skin, seeping into its layers for improved moisture levels and a balanced, vibrant complexion. The combination of oat and panthenol creates a protective barrier while delivering a refreshing splash of hydration and additional nutrients.

Ideal for Sensitive and Oily Skin Types

The Oat-in Calming Gel Cream is specially designed for sensitive and oily skin types. Avena Sativa (Oat) Seed Water, the core ingredient, is gentle yet effective in calming irritated skin. Rich in antioxidants and hydrating properties, it strengthens the skin's moisture barrier and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The addition of Squalane replenishes moisture and boosts elasticity, while Panthenol acts as a skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. Beta-Glucan, another key ingredient, soothes and calms sensitive skin, providing hydrating and plumping benefits.


Irritation, Sensitivity, Dryness, Redness

Suited to

Oily, Sensitive

Key ingredients

Oat Seed Water, Squalane, Beta-Glucan, Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

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