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AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild

4.23 fl. oz. / 125ml

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Experience the calming power of AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild, an all-in-one solution to a multitude of skin concerns. Designed for daily use, this product targets exfoliation, sebum control, and soothing effects, making it an ideal choice for those battling mild acne.

Enriched with powerful ingredients, this essence swiftly alleviates mild acne and works proactively to forestall future acne breakouts, due in part to the inclusion of sulfur-rich compounds. These active elements diligently curb acne-causing factors while promoting smooth sebum removal. Further, the combination of green tea water, BHA, PHA, and Centella AC-RX aids in efficiently managing excess dead skin cells, offering holistic and soothing care for your skin.

Despite its gentle formulation, AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild delivers potent effects without causing any adverse reactions, making it suitable for even sensitive or teenage skin. Its hypoallergenic nature adds to its versatility, enabling a wider range of users to benefit from its soothing properties. Reinvigorate your skincare routine with the AC Collection Calming Liquid Mild - your ultimate companion for mild daily skincare.


Acne, Sebum, Irritation, Dead Skin Cells

Suited to

All Skin Types, Acne-Prone Skin

Key ingredients

Green Tea Leaf Water, BHA, PHA, Tea Tree Leaf Oil

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